Wenger Staying, what Arsenal needs to do

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June 10th, 2007

So The Times has an article about Wenger saying he will stay for another season. Anybody who knows a bit about Wenger should have already known this – he has never broken a contract in his life, even when the other party allows him to (like in the case just before Wenger was to come to Arsenal, when he was still in Japan and was allowed to leave by the Japanese club to start his new season with Arsenal, only for Wenger to stay until the end of his contract like he promised and missing the start of the Arsenal season as a result).

If you understand Wenger the man, you should also know about his integrity, in that he would never leave Arsenal without ensuring the club is in good hands. So it is highly unlikely that Wenger will leave after next season, since he is not irresponsible enough to leave at the end of the next season and leave Arsenal in a spot of bother. Besides, his youth project is still uncompletely, and he won’t leave until it is. If Wenger is to leave, then it will have to be the club sacking him, and there is no chance of this happening.

There is a lot of negative energy surrounding the club right now, from takeover talks, to everyone leaving. I for one would still happily go into the season supporting Arsenal even if we don’t buy a single player between now and then (maybe a little bit of doubt, perhaps we would only win the league by 5 points, instead of 15), but I do understand that there are those who think the club is in the biggest crisis it has ever been in, well, at least since the last one (which, coincidentally, was this time last year).

I think the best way for the club/Wenger to deal with all this negative energy is to go out and spend big on a player. A winger, perhaps. Spending big will appease those fans that want a takeover because they think the new owner will provide funds (which he won’t, not after spending all his money trying to buy Arsenal shares and putting the club in huge debt). It will also reassure some of our players and other supporters, who are getting a little bit worried about our short term ambitions. And lastly, it will actually allow us to get a good player that the team needs, and perhaps give us a psychological boost for the next season.

Let’s buy all the players that Wenger wants (most likely cheap unknown ones, based on Wenger’s purchase history), and then buy that big player or players that maybe Wenger wouldn’t have considered, but would still be glad to have in the team. I know the board prides itself on not interfering with Wenger on footballing issues, but I think in this case, the board needs to force the issue a bit. It’s all about making a statement of intent. Sure, we would end up with a few players too many, but with our injury record, there is no such thing as having too many players.

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