Arsenal 3 – Manchester City 1


April 18th, 2007

Two wins in a row! That’s no defeats and no draws in a whole two games! And people say we’re in transition …

As the game was on 4:45am local time, and wasn’t being shown on TV anyway, I slept in. A good way to wake up to a result, and once again it was Rosicky, Cesc on the scoresheet (plus the “Beast”). I ended up watching the match through downloading the torrent for it.

Sneaky Rosicky
We started very brightly, very much in good confidence from beating our old friends Bolton. Rosicky scored almost an identical goal to the Bolton one … he really likes to sneak up from behind and score in the box, erm … or something. Ian Darke and Trevor Francis went on and on about how quiet our stadium was, which they probably have a point. “Could hear the drop of a pin”, “quieter than the Sahara Desert as night” (does desert wind count as sound?). It really is a problem sometimes, of course for someone who has only ever been to Highbury (and only once at that), maybe it’s not up to me to say, but a little noise definitely helps the team (although too much noise, like during the last match at Highbury, might disrupt our team since they are not used to the noise). It’s sad when the loudest noise the crowd makes during the entire game is the booing, followed by the sound of 30,000 people leaving around the 85th minute.

Still no goal for Adebayor. He needs a goal the most now. Hleb too (at least he got an assist in this game, sort of). Ade has a habit of scoring important goals, so a hat-trick on Saturday would be nice. Diaby should be back for that game, and what a great tackle that lead to our first goal.

We’re 3rd temporarily, and hopefully we’ll still be 3rd by this time tomorrow

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